Number Rods-Premium & Family set & Mini

  • $160.00

To introduce the child to fix quantity and counting 1 – 10. This also brings awareness to the sequence of numbers and the quantitative relationship between numbers.

- Ten rods identical with the Red Rods in length, but divided into red and blue sections. The shortest rod is red. The second is twice the size of the first; one half is painted red and the other half is blue. The third rd is three times the size of the first and is divided into three sections; the first painted red, the second is blue, and the third red. All the other rods are divided in a similar fashion, alternating red and blue, the first section always being red. The number of sections represent the numbers of the rod. 
Premium : 10 cm to 1 meter

Family Set : 5 cm to  50 cm 

Mini : 3 cm to 30 cm