About Redkoii

Redkoii.com is the official shopping website of Shanghai Redkoii Ltd, established in the year 2000. It was located in Zhongshan West Road, Xuhui District of Shanghai; which is famous for fashionable goods and Montessori Materials.

Redkoii is a classical brand in China since 2000, we have a powerful trade chain and the strict products quality control system. We provide a plenty of advanced and epidemic products which has a great influence in domestic and foreign countries. And we’ve got a bunch of huge fans all over the world, around 10 million people from different countries, most of them are crazy about our product and willing to buy stuff through our website.

Products listed on our website shows various option. we sale Montessori Materials including Sensorial series, Practical Life series, Language series, Maths series, Geographic series and Furnishing 。

We’re a committed team that works with large companies to purchase up-to-date products. Although this extra step sometimes results in slightly longer shipping times (few business days more), you get to sleep well knowing that you’re getting the absolute best prices on the internet. Our goal is to make it easy for you to get desired and stunning stuff for a fraction of the price!

Remember, everything from China. Made in China and good quality :)