Michonne's Katana Charm Black Strap Handmade Bracelet

  • $19.99

The Handmade Infinity Michonne Katana Charm Bracelet is a lovely gift for any fan of comic books and zombies. The bracelet has a Katana charm and the name "Michonne" is shown across the middle of the bracelet. The charm is made from zinc alloy.

This handmade bracelet has three thin faux leather straps, with cotton cord on both sides. It has a looped zinc alloy decoration with the word 'love' written in it. The chain has an adjustable cord tie, and has zinc alloy beads on the end of each cord.

It is presented in a lovely jewelry box, making it the perfect birthday gift, graduation present, anniversary gift or just a special treat for any fan of zombies fighting shows.

MATERIAL: Cotton Cord & Faux Leather
Zinc Alloy

GENDER: Unisex
LENGTH: 18 Centimeters

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