Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer Viking-age Charm Silver Strap Handmade Bracelet

  • $19.99

This Handmade Infinity Bracelet with hammer draws inspiration from the Viking-age Thor’s hammer. Thor's Viking hammers are often called Mjollnir or Mjolnir as this is the actual name Thor gave to his Vikings hammer. Thor was the Viking god of thunder who used his hammer as a tool of rule and justice. When it thundered, people believed that Thor was riding across the vault of heaven in his carriage pulled by goats. The blows of his hammer created the peals of thunder and from the sparks of the hammer came lightning.

The pendant depicting the hammer became known as the symbol for Thor and it was believed to protect its carrier from evil therefore It is a very powerful Nordic protective amulet. The fearsome Vikings are known to have worn the pendant. Brings luck and neutralizes bad energy. It gives confidence in your own abilities and gives of the owner a great support in his life.

An excellent gift for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, or just as a surprise to remind that special someone how much you care.

MATERIAL: Cotton Cord & Faux Leather
Zinc Alloy

GENDER: Unisex
LENGTH: 18 Centimeters

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